Saturday, November 6, 2010


if a child can`t talk,
we can explore an amazing range of voice output devices
if a child can`t walk,
we can measure them up for some wheels
if a child can`t remember,
we can device cues and picture systems to help......
if a child can`t hear
we can learn to sign....
if a child can`t socialise appropriately
we can model kindness, self discipline and love....
if a child can`t sit still and learn,
we can plan for movement and activity-based lessons......
if a child can`t go to the toilet unaided,
we can take the time to help.....
if a child can grasp your hand, or smile, or sign "Thank You",
then what else is there to ask for?
there are no endings, just new doors to open........

Greg Lang & Chris Berberich, "All Children are Special"  1995

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